Vegetable Basket of Cebu. More or less 16 highland barangays, led by Mantalongon, supply truckloads of fresh vegetables to Cebu City, neighboring towns, and some parts of Visayas on a daily basis. These include chayote, carrots, cabbage, bell pepper, lettuce, cauliflower, among others.

Summer Capital of Cebu. Brgy. Mantalongon. For its cooler than the usual weather condition, Mantalongon, Dalaguete was officially declared as the Summer Capital of Cebu, through a Provincial Board Resolution last 2006.

Osmeña Peak. Mantalongon. Popularly known as the highest peak of Cebu, with its around 1000-meter altitude, the place has been a favorite destination for mountaineers during weekends and especially during summer. Named after former President Sergio Osmeña, Sr., the peak has breathtaking views of the towns of Badian and Moalboal, and Province of Bohol. One can trek for an hour or more from Mantalongon Public Market going up to the peak and have some photo opportunities in front of vegetable farms and mountain views. For a more challenging one, Osmeña Peak could be the starting point for a more or less five hours of trekking going to Kawasan Falls of Badian.

Obong Spring. Brgy. Obong - To enjoy a relaxing natural experience of bathing in cool waters within a natural pool, local and foreign tourists who are looking to unwind, take a feel of Obong Spring. Giving shades to the spring are dalakit trees (balete trees), including a 400-year-old one to which, according to legend, Dalaguete’s name is derived from.

Dalaguete Beach Park. Brgy. Casay - Once part of the world-renowned Argao Beach Club, Dalaguete Public Beach Park has been the favorite among the locals due to its excellent sandy palm-fringed shoreline and clean waters. With an affordable entrance fee, locals and other out-of-towners frequent the place especially during weekends.

Heritage Sites of Dalaguete. With over 300 years of a being a town, Dalaguete has a lot to offer when it comes to heritage sites. Leading the list is the 1825-completed San Guillermo de Aquitania Church, along with old structures nearby and museums just within the town proper.

Oslob Whale Shark Watching. Oslob, Cebu. Watching or swimming with the most friendly water creature, is such an amazing experience. Whale shark watching in Oslob started last 2011 and just after a few months, became popular worldwide after the said activity hit the internet. Large number of local and foreign tourists frequent the place daily to dive and snorkel with the butanding (nationwide term) or tuki (Oslob term).

Birhen sa Simala. Lindogon-Simala, Sibonga, Cebu. The Monastery of the Holy Eucharist or “Birhen sa Simala” has been a favorite destination for local and foreign tourists who are looking for a sacred place to have their peaceful religious encounter with the Blessed Virgin Mary. The place is located in Marian Hills, Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga, Cebu. The monastery is famous for the miracles by the Blessed Virgin Mary and a lot have been walking testimonials to Her divine grace and power in several occasions that occurred to their lives.

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Dakong Bato” translates to Big Rock in the English language. Once you will see the landmark just before you enter the resort’s gate, you will instantly understand why such the name… for it literally is what it means.

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