How to get Here

DakongBato Beach and Leisure Resort is 81 kms southeast of Cebu, situated in the first class municipality of Dalaguete. Travel may take 2-4 hours from Cebu City South Bus Terminal depending on traffic. So, it's best to avoid rush hours when going down south. One can get here through a bus (air-conditioned or not) from Cebu South Bus Terminal. Taxis or vehicles-for-hire (v-hire) are available more than enough to transport anyone from Mactan International Airport (of Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu) or from any sea terminals to the South Bus Terminal or even directly to Dalaguete. For better and systematic transportation service from arrival to Cebu to DakongBato Resort, your need can be arranged by the resort for a reasonable rate.

Buses in South Bus Terminal

Ceres Bus Liner (has the most number of buses which passes Dalaguete and some air-conditioned buses has free WiFi access on-board.)
Sunrays Bus Liner (also has air-conditioned buses)



Nearby Destinations

The South of the Province Cebu has so many amazing wonders you can explore. So, better yet be prepared for a very long vacation. Let's embark on a trip to the South!


1. First Stop: The Lechon Capital of the World!

The province of Cebu is not only famous for it's beautiful beaches and breathtaking sights, it is also known for the mouthwatering roast pig or locally known as Lechon. And at the heart of it all is Carcar City. You may want to have a detour at the House of Lechon of Carcar City and you'll see. Carcar is also famous for crunchy Chicharon (Fried Pork Belly & Rinds).

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carcar chicharon
2. Cebu's Castle Church: The Simala Shrine in Sibonga 
The Monastery of the Holy Eucharist also known as the Miraculous Mama Mary Shrine or simply the Simala–Lindogon church, is known for it's castle-like architecture. It is located in Sibonga Town, right next to Carcar. For devote Catholics, you can visit the shrine and offer your prayers. The Shrine has been a favorite destination for local and foreign tourists who are looking for a sacred place to have their peaceful religious encounter with the Blessed Virgin Mary. The place is located in Marian Hills, Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga, Cebu. Not only it's astounding architecture, the monastery is also famous for the miracles by the Blessed Virgin Mary and a lot have been walking testimonials to Her divine grace and power in several occasions that occurred to their lives.
simala miraculous shrine mama ma
Main Altar at Simala
3. Dalaguete: Vegetable Basket of Cebu
One of the best things Dalaguete is known for is it's abundant supply of vegetables and crops. More or less 16 highland barangays, led by Mantalongon, supply truckloads of fresh vegetables to Cebu City, neighboring towns, and some parts of Visayas on a daily basis. These include chayote, carrots, cabbage, bell pepper, lettuce, cauliflower and among others.
mantalongon veggies
2 vegetable basket of cebu orig
4. Stand at the Peak: Mount Labalasan (Osmeña Peak)
Cebu's highest point is Mount Labalasan or commonly known as Osmeña Peak. The peak is approximately 1,013 metres (3,325 ft) above sea level making it one of the highest peaks in the island of Cebu next to Mt. Manunggal. Mount Labalasan is part of the Patung, Badian range, which is unique from other mountain ranges in the Philippines because of its multiple jagged hills grouped together that overlook and stretch as far as the Badian shorelines. The highest of these hills is the Osmeña Peak. There are four trails going there: one from Mantalongon, and the rest from Badian that ends in Kawasan Falls and Liong. The easiest trek route is from Mantalongon Market to the foot of the peak. To get to the Mantalongon Market, you can take the road from the towns of Dalaguete, Badian, or Alegria. For a more challenging trekk, Osmeña Peak could be the starting point for a more or less five hours of trekking going to Kawasan Falls of Badian.
5. Other Peaks
Osmena Peak doesn't stand alone, there are other notable peaks trekkers loves to hike to. Come now and experience the breathtaking view of Kandungaw and Casino Peak.
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Casino Peak 00 1000x670
5. Obong Spring
To enjoy a relaxing natural experience of bathing in cool waters within a natural pool, local and foreign tourists who are looking to unwind, take a feel of Obong Spring. Giving shades to the spring are dalakit trees (balete trees), including a 400-year-old one to which, according to legend, Dalaguete’s name is derived from.
5 obong spring
Obong SPring 8 01
6. Dalaguete Beach Park
White sands? Walk by the beach at Sunset? Sounds ecstatic, right? Dalaguete Beach Park is the perfect place for you. Once part of the world-renowned Argao Beach Club, Dalaguete Public Beach Park has been the favorite among the locals due to its excellent sandy palm-fringed shoreline and clean waters. With an affordable entrance fee, locals and other out-of-towners frequent the place especially during weekends.
kids playing on the beach
7. Sergio’s Strawberry Farm & The Sunflower Garden
Sergio's Strawberry farm is located in Maloray, Dalaguete. Yes, Cebu has strawberries. The climate in Dalaguete is perfect for growing strawberries. Come and pick some! This beautiful sunflower garden is found in Mantalongon, Dalaguete. Isn't Dalaguete just perfect? Strawberry picking, yes, but not the sunflowers, please!
Sunflower Farm Dalaguete 3
Sunflower Farm Dalaguete 6 1
8. Heritage Sites of Dalaguete
With over 300 years of a being a town, Dalaguete has a lot to offer when it comes to heritage sites. Leading the list is the 1825-completed San Guillermo de Aquitania Church, along with old structures nearby and museums just within the town proper.
129365 Dalaguete Church
129362 Dalaguete Church
9. Not the Last And Definitely Not the Least: Oslob Whale Shark Watching
These beautiful and peaceful creatures are godsend. Watching or swimming with the most friendly water creature, is such an amazing experience. Whale shark watching in Oslob started last 2011 and just after a few months, became popular worldwide after the activity hit the internet. Large number of local and foreign tourists frequent the place daily to dive and snorkel with the butanding (nationwide term) or tuki (Oslob term). So, what are you waiting for? Dive in!
whale shark oslob philippines LEAD 960x640

10. Oh, there's more!

These 9 destinations aren't the only ones waiting to be discovered. DakongBato will be happy to accommodate you, a place where you can stay and relax after a tiring adventure. This spot will be waiting for you at DakongBato. Enjoy your trip!

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Important establishments you may need in Dalaguete


prince dalaguetePrince Hypermart Dalaguete

The biggest shopping store for retail and wholesale goods in the town; one of the branches of a popular chain of stores operating throughout southern Philippines.

Dalaguete Commercial Center

Three kilometers away from the resort, Dalaguete Public Market offers fresh fruits and vegetables
(locally produced) and enough number of meat and fish stalls to choose from.

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

lbp logoLand Bank of the Philippines - Dalaguete Extension Office situated at the reclamation area


Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) off-site ATM machine found inside Dalaguete Commercial Center, in the town's public market

Money Changer Firms

mlhuillier logo


prince dalaguete

Money Transfer Firms

mlhuillier logo



western union

Prime Asia Pawn and Jewelry Shop

RD Pawnshop

FJB Pawnshop and Jewelry


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About DakongBato

Dakong Bato” translates to Big Rock in the English language. Once you will see the landmark just before you enter the resort’s gate, you will instantly understand why such the name… for it literally is what it means.