DakongBato Beach & Leisure Resort

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Located at the southern part of Cebu specifically at the municipality of Dalaguete in Barangay Coro, guests of Dakong Bato Beach and Leisure Resort are assured of no problem finding it as this has been used as a marker to signify entry into the said municipality.“

Dakong Bato” translates to Big Rock in the English language. Once you will see the landmark just before you enter the resort’s gate, you will instantly understand why such the name… for it literally is what it means.

Dakong Bato and Leisure Resort offers fully-air conditioned rooms each with its own private bathroom, equipped with TV and DVD. Rooms can accommodate 2-10 people depending upon its size, whether for couples, families or barkadas. There are specially-designed rooms for workshops and teambuildings as well. Always out to give the best, quality service, this beach and leisure resort comes with free WiFi access to its guests and visitors.

Cottages are available for guests who want to spend the day cooling themselves at the beach or taking a dip at its child-friendly spring water pool. The latter, by the way, comes with a slide and a jacuzzi that’s perfect for instant relaxation via massage with warm waters. Manicured lawns adorn the whole resort resulting into a lot of nature green color meant to soothe and calm one’s soul.

For guests on their teambuilding, an array of activities await in line: For the sports buff, the basketball court and water volleyball at the pool are sure to give you good sweating and exercise. For the more adventurous spirit, there are rubber kayaks and dingy boats for rent and a cave adventure adds a cool twist to the otherwise laid-back atmosphere.

Apart from this though, what also makes Dakong Bato Beach and Leisure Resort famous is its association to the Visayan folkore which tells the story of "Maria Cacao", the half immortal who made the huge stone the docking place of her golden ship which carried the cacao she sold to Manila and outside countries. Such is the reason why it is said that even if it has been many centuries already, the marker is said to be "immovable" and still literally growing.

Mission and Vision
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We commit to maintain an environment that is relaxing, enjoyable, and entertaining. 
We commit to continuously develop and strengthen the best of the Filipino character in the way we speak and relate with others. 
We commit to collaborate with all our industry partners to raise the standards of local tourism and place the country in the tourism map. 
We commit to continue developing a multi-skilled work force given to translating the organization’s vision into reality.
We commit to use our resources wisely to achieve our financial goals.
We are in the tourism map as a haven of leisure and entertainment defined by a commitment to bring across the warmth of Filipino hospitality and personalized service beyond expectations.

DakongBato and Maria Cacao

The resort takes its name from the huge rock located at mid-front of the long stretch of its green and rocky terrain. The name translates to “Dakong Bato” in the local dialect. Dakong Bato marks the entrance into the Municipality of Dalaguete and in recent times to the resort as well.

This huge rock has proven immovable and as local folklore has it, it is tight up to the legendary Maria Cacao. According to the legend, Maria Cacao was a daughter to Tata Cero who got an engkantada pregnant. He could have a relationship with a supernatural being because he possessed supernatural power as well. His power enabled him to be invisible, walk on water, jump to the top of a coconut tree, and he was able to dwarf himself and stand on a cogon leaf.

Accordingly, Maria Cacao had a huge ship by which she did business carrying cacao to Manila and other countries. Presumably, by this enterprise she gained her worth in gold.

The legend points to Dakong Bato as the docking place of Maria Cacao’s ship with its wealth in gold. For this reason, at various points especially when it rained strongly, the people saw that the surrounding of Dakong Bato became so bright.

Dakong Bato, according to folklore was an abode and still is an abode of so many “engkantos”. In the past, the people used to borrow kitchen utensils from the engkanto in Dakong Bato. At fiesta time, the people brought their containers in front of the cave, and they came back the next morning to find complete utensils inside the container.

Maria cacao has long passed away. People don’t borrow utensils at Dakong Bato anymore. Now, Dakong Bato is an abode of fun and relaxation.