We are in the tourism map as a haven of leisure and entertainment defined by a commitment to bring across the warmth of Filipino hospitality and personalized service beyond expectations.



We commit to maintain an environment that is at once relaxing, enjoyable, and entertaining. 

We commit to continuously develop and strengthen the best of the Filipino character in the way we speak and relate with others. 

We commit to collaborate with all our industry partners to raise the standards of local tourism and place the country in the tourism map. 

We commit to continue developing a multi-skilled work force given to translating the organization’s vision into reality.

We commit to use our resources wisely to achieve our financial goals.

About DakongBato

Dakong Bato” translates to Big Rock in the English language. Once you will see the landmark just before you enter the resort’s gate, you will instantly understand why such the name… for it literally is what it means.

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