There comes a time when we just want to get away from it all...
frontpage-image1Imagine waking up to a view of clear skies meeting the never-ending sea or basking in a glinting blue pool on contact-ada sunny day with family and friends. How about staring into the yellow-orange sky with flecks of purple clouds contact-adending a blissful day… sounds like the perfect escape huh?


Friends and guests, leave all worries behind and step into a world that offers the best of nature to remind you of the things that matter most in life: wonder, joy, peace and contentment. Nestled in the quaint town of Dalaguete is a haven of calmness ideal for the mind, body and spirit. Welcome to Dakong Bato Beach and Leisure Resort.


About Us

Located at the southern part of Cebu specifically at the municipality of Dalaguete in Barangay Coro, guests of Dakong Bato Beach and Leisure Resort are assured of no problem finding it as this has been used as a marker to signify entry into the said municipality.

“Dakong Bato” translates to Big Rock in the English language. Once you will see the landmark... [Read More]

viewsViews. The resort is set on a cliff along a long stretch of land and sea spread out with verdant foliage on the highway side and the deep blue waters on the seaside facing the mountains of Bohol. The general environment is re-created to allow for frolic, quiet, fun, and relaxation.
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amenitiesAmenities. For those who wish to do a day tour only to celebrate an event or just plain camaraderie, there are gazebos and cabanas for ... [Read More]
          restaurantDining. A fully operating restaurant is available from 6 AM to 10 PM and serves a variety of dishes at very affordable rates. [View Menus]

Summer Special

SUMMER SPECIAL (March 16 - June 15, 2015) Inclusive of the following seasons:

- Graduation
- Lent and Holy Week
- Summer Frolic
- Mother's Day and Father's Day


- Desserts and Coolers Delight
- Special Seafoods Arrangements for Holy Week
- Smorgasboard for the Summer Weekends, Mother's Day, and Father's Day


- Fitness to include Zumba, Belly Dancing, Spa and Massage
- Easter Sunday Special Raffles for 2 Rooms for 4
- Easter Sunday Egg Hunting
- Mother's Day Special
- Father's Day Special
- Relays (Swimming, Kayaking and the like)


- Poetry Reading
- Art Exhibit/Art Contest
- Band Playing
- Mr. and Ms. DakongBato Summer Drizzle
- Expressions of Being Sessions

Events Calendar

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